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andrew james automatic cat feeder

Andrew James Automatic Cat FeederNEVER LEAVE YOUR CAT

The Andrew James automatic cat feeder is worth every penny purely due to the fact your cats will love being fed at certain times a day consistently so they can fit dinner time into their tight schedules of exploring your town and causing mischief!

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Andrew James Automatic Cat Feeder

The Andrew James Automatic Cat Feeder is perfect for any type of cat owner and will dramatically take the stress of owning cats away, the only thing you will have to worry about is topping up the hopper once every 90 days.
For only £34.99 You can’t go wrong.

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Choosing the right Cat feeder can be tough, check out this video to find out more about the Andrew James Cat Feeder.

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A Quick Summary

The Positives

The Andrew James Cat Feeder definitely takes the top spot for the most reliable and well made cat feeder available to the UK.

The Negatives

Setting it up seems fairly complicated but as long as you use the manual you wont’t have any problems.


Our specialist review

Andrew James Large 90 Day Automatic Cat Feeder

Andrew James Large 90 Day Automatic Cat Feeder

Setting Up




      Portion Sizes


        Ease of use





            • Easy to setup
            • Low Cost
            • Looks Fancy
            • Huge Battery Life
            • Never Clogs


            • None!

            Andrew James Automatic Cat Feeder review

            We may be outside sometimes while our cat needs feeding, and going for a cat sitter will not be the best of choice which leaves us with the option of cat feeder. This will be a great relief for people who work shifts or leave early in the morning and get back late. The Andrew James automatic cat feeder is not that expensive and has high capacity if we need to be away for a few months.

            This Andrew James 90 Day Automatic Cat Feeder is one of the most reliable cat feeders we have ever used.

            We used it for our cats however you can use it for a number of different animals including:

            What is brilliant about this autofeeder is that it has 10 different partion sizes, so can be used for small or large cats.

            This feeder can dispense up to 4 times a day if you want it too.

            You can also set the feeder to dispense at the certain times you want every day until you change the sequence.

            Our favourite thing about this automated cat feeder is that it has a built in microphone that allows you to record a message upto 6 seconds long, so your cat will know when its dinner time!

            What is the Andrew James 90 day cat feeder?

            The features of automatic cat feeders vary; the models that are not too expensive have a latch and a timer, while the expensive models include chips that prevent the cat from stealing the food from the feeder, all though this product does not have a chip reader it is secure enough to stop other animals from getting into the food stash.

            Product Features

            This automatic cat feeder includes the following functions:

            First Impressions

            The look is appealing, and the various features and low price make the cat feeder even more appealing.

            It has a large hopper and the feeder is only suitable for dry food.

            This automatic cat feeder also has an excellent battery life and rarely needs replacement.

            Using the feeder

            The Andrew James 90 day automatic cat feeder has its power switch at its base. The feeder also makes a noise when it’s been activated. The custom set voice recording plays seconds before the food is dispensed to inform the cats that it is #dinnertime. The sound is loud enough for the cats to easily hear anywhere around the house.

            The Andrew James 90 Day automatic cat feeder is very reliable and never jams, setting up the feeder can be fairly tricky the first time around but after that its all easy sailing.

            Final thoughts

            The Andrew James Automatic Cat Feeder is one of the biggest capacities of feeder you can find on the market today.  The battery life is excellent which makes the scheduling very comprehensive, the setup process for this particular cat feeder is astonishingly easy to do compared to most other modern cat feeders where you feel like you need to have a degree in rocket science,

            It’s good if you are looking for a very reliable cat feeder with  a large 90 day airtight food hopper , the Andrew James Large 90 Day Automatic Cat Feeder is the perfect product for you.

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