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Aspire PockeX Review


The Aspire PockeX is an extremely reliable device which is highly recommended throughout the Ecig industry, fun fact: Me, My Girlfriend, my Dad and my Mum all stopped smoking using the Aspire PockeX!

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Aspire PockeX

The Honey Guaridan A25 is perfect for any type of smoker / vaper and will dramatically take the stress of vaping away, the only thing you will have to worry about is topping up the PockeX with liquid once every few days.
For only £20 You can’t go wrong.

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Choosing the right Vape can be tough, check out this video to find out more about the Aspire PockeX.

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A Quick Summary

The Positives

The Aspire PockeX definitely takes the top spot for the most reliable and well made cat feeder available to the UK.

The Negatives

The only issue with the Aspire PockeX is that it sells out pretty fast.


Our specialist review

This is a new PockeX which is a discreet and sub-ohm low profile device from the reputed company known by the name of Aspire. The length of it is 12cm long and is less than 2cm wide. The saying that good and better things often come in a smaller package is ideal for this device. You can actually put the device in your pocket.


This is undoubtedly one of the best vaping devices available. It is available in a variety of colours. You even have the option of choosing a white, a black, a rose gold or a stainless steel coloured device.

It also is the shortest device that is available on the market and also has a top filling design. This means that you can change the coils without the liquid being drained off. This is the huge advantage of this device.

Benefits of the Aspire PockeX

There are a number of advantages of Aspire Pockex Starter kit. You are able to vape using this device anywhere. The smoking restrictions have increased a lot. So the smokers are not able to get enough space to smoke.

With this device, you have the option of vaping anywhere you want. The second benefit of this device is that it improves your sense of smell. A lot of times it happens that smokers lose their sense of smell but when they start using this Aspire device they are able to get back their sense of smell.

You will now be able to enjoy the fragrances of perfumes. The third advantage of using the Aspire Pockex Starter kit is that it helps in improving the sense of taste of smokers. Often it has been found that the smokers lose their sagacity of taste due to excessive smoking. Once you start vaping with this device your sense of taste also comes back. Moreover, you also have the option of choosing from the wide variety of flavors available. You can choose the flavor of the e juice that you want.

The fourth advantage is that you are also able to save some extra money with this device. This is because this is quite reasonably priced and you also do not have to keep buying it again and again. Once you buy it you will be able to use it for a very long time.

The fifth advantage of this device is that it provides you with the option of adjusting the nicotine levels. Nicotine is not at all good for the health. So once you try to switch from smoking to vaping, you can keep adjusting the nicotine levels.

Once you are out of the habit of smoking nicotine you can remove the nicotine from this device completely. Another very big advantage of this device is that it is odourless. Hence you do not have to bear the bad odour of cigarettes in this case.

You also do not have to make use of ashtrays and you can use it even at home without the presence of an ashtray. The last and the final advantage of this device is that there are no chances of catching fire. There is no fire in this device so there is an absolutely no chance of an accident being caused by this device.


Advantages and Disadvantages

The biggest advantage of this device is that it helps you to get out of the bad habit of smoking. Once you get this starter kit you will be able to replace it with smoking. Moreover, it is free of nicotine. The customers are very happy with the quality of the product. The biggest disadvantage of this product is that it leaks at times.

Customer Reviews

Customers are extremely happy with the product. They say that the quality of the product is exceptionally good. They even say that this product provides a very good value for money. Moreover, it helps them to get out of the habit of smoking within a few weeks.

Customer questions

Can a nonsmoker use this product?

Yes, a nonsmoker can surely use this and it would not cause any harm to their health as it is nicotine free.

Is it very expensive?

This is very reasonably priced and you can use it for a very long time. You do not have to unnecessarily waste money replacing the product at regular intervals.


Aspire Pockex starter kit is one of the best vaping devices available. It is available in a variety of colours and you have the option of choosing the one that suits your personality.

Most of the smokers find it really difficult to get out of the habit of smoking. This device gives you the feel of smoking and you are able to come out of this habit quite easily. Even a starter can use this device.

There are a number of electronic cigarettes available in the market. In order to solve your purpose, it is immensely important to buy a good product. Make sure that you buy a product like this so that it caters to your needs at a very reasonable price.


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