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Bunty Automatic Pet FeederNEVER LEAVE YOUR CAT

The Bunty Automatic Pet Feeder is worth every penny purely due to the fact your pets will love being fed at certain times a day consistently so they can fit dinner time into their tight schedules of causing mischief!

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Bunty Automatic Pet Feeder

The Bunty Automatic Pet Feeder is perfect for any type of pet owner and will dramatically take the stress of owning pets away, the only thing you will have to worry about is topping up the hopper once every few days.
For only £26.99 You can’t go wrong.

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Cant decide if its worth the money?

Choosing the right Cat feeder can be tough, check out this video to find out more about the Bunty Automatic Pet Feeder.

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A Quick Summary

The Positives

The Bunty Automatic Pet Feeder definitely takes the top spot for the most reliable and well made pet feeder available to the UK.

The Negatives

Setting it up seems fairly complicated but as long as you use the manual you wont’t have any problems.


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