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The Cronus Max is a revolutionary gaming adaptor which is compatible with any console / PC and will allow you to enable rapid fire, drift buttons and other helpful modifications.

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Cronus Max

The Cronus Max is perfect for any and every type of Gamer in the modern age, there are so many uses for this gadget in the gaming world.
For only £49 You can’t go wrong.

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A Quick Summary

The Positives

The Cronus Max definitely takes the top spot for the most reliable and well made Controller adaptor available to the UK.

The Negatives

Setting it up seems fairly complicated at first sight but as long as you use the manual you wont’t have any problems.


Our specialist review

CronuxMax is the controller adaptor for the latest generation. It is the best add-on created for the gaming industry. It is the first cross-compatibility gaming that has been created for the video game industry.

This product allows you to use the video gaming controller on every console you want. This device opens up the entire gaming world for you. You no longer have to use controllers that are not comfortable.


If you have a PlayStation 4 controller and want to play video games on it, often happens that you have to use Xbox one for gaming and so that leaves you with the option of playing video games in your friend’s house.

Again, if you want to use PS3 Six-axis controller in the Windows PC, you can simply set up the configuration on the Cronus Pro software. All that you need to do is to connect the CronusMax Plus and have to sync the controller. After this, you are ready to use it. You can set this up easily without any hassles.


There are a number of benefits of using Cronus Max Plus. It is undoubtedly the best solution related to all the modding needs that are related to the computer. With this, you are able to add powerful mode capabilities to the controller. If you use this product, you do not have to add any extra chips or wires to the hardware.

Thus, this product is sure to work with the controller. This helps you to get a modded controller and you do not have to get it installed. You also do not need to make any changes in your Play station 4, Xbox 360, Wii-U controller, play station 3 or Xbox One. It is perfect for a gamer who is looking to get an extra edge in the game.

Another very big benefit of this product is that the keyboard and mouse console adapter that it uses is extremely precise. It is not very easy to make a device with a high precision work well with a game that uses controller thumbsticks.

The “aim assist” for all console shooters are different and it is this feature that allows you to play them with the help of a controller. If this is not done properly and you adopt a mouse the result is; you get an aiming that is unresponsive, jerky and detached.

Cronus Max Plus takes this mouse tracking to a new level by making use of the X-aim technology. The third benefit of Cronus Max Plus 2017 version gaming adaptor is the macros that it uses. This has been programmed making use of GPC and a C style arrangement. Though this may sound a bit complex it is actually not. It makes the commands very simple and easy to learn.


This product comes with a number of features and some of these features are given below:

Customer Satisfaction

The customers are very happy with this product. The gamers say that this adapter helps them in taking their gaming experience to a completely new level. Since this product works on various platforms, so more and more gamers are buying this product.


Customer questions

Does it have the latest firmware update?

You have to connect it to the computer and then run the software in order to get the latest version of the firmware updated.

Will it allow the official Xbox controller to run on the Xbox one?

Yes, it is possible. However, since it is wireless you will require a USB wireless device in order to make it work.

Is the CronusMax Plus lag free?

The human eye is not able to notice the lag caused by CronusMax. So it can be well considered to be lag free.


The CronusMax is one of the gaming adaptors available. If you love gaming getting this adaptor will certainly be a very good option for you.

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