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EgoIggo Android TV Box ReviewSTREAM FREE MOVIES

EgoIggo Android TV Box allows you to convert your standard TV into a smart TV with KODI support which enables you to stream unlimited free movies at the click of a button.

For as little as £25.00 you can get your hands on this incredible piece of kit.

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EgoIggo Android TV Box Review

Finding movies on Netflix can be a real pain, this TV box inevitably solves all of your film hunting issues by allowing you to search through 100,000 + completely free movies ( using KODI ).

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Choosing the TV Box can be tough, check out this video to find out more about the EgoIgo TV Box.

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A Quick Summary

The Positives

The EgoIggo Android TV Box definitely takes the top spot for the most reliable and well made android TV Box available to the UK.

The Negatives

Setting it up seems fairly complicated at first sight but as long as you use the manual you wont’t have any problems.


Our specialist review

The Egolggo T95E Smart TV box has a Penta-Core GPU and a quad processor CPU which has 2.0 GHz frequency.

It uses an Android 6.0 operating system and the users have the option of downloading 100s of games, application programs and also free software.

It can be quite easily and conveniently used. You can use these for entertainment, office work, home theatre, business meeting etc.

There is a quad-core CPU processor that performs very well in the Network TV box. It even has a full quad-core and a frequency that is quite high.


Egolggo S95X PRO Smart TV box is an android box that helps to quickly start your games and use the apps. It also has an expandable SD storage of up to 32GB.

This is quite a reliable device because it prevents the system from crashing that might be caused due to lack of memory.

The Ethernet connection varies from 10m to 100m and a standard RJ-45 is used in this device. It is a wireless device that makes use of the wi-fi connection to function properly.

The mouse, as well as the keyboard, is supported using the USB connection. There is also a 2.4 GHz USB dongle used here.


The first and the most important advantage of this product is that it has an excellent GPU and a CPU. It uses Quad Core A53 cortex. This includes a 5 core Mali-450 GPU and it can go up to a speed of 2.0 GHz.

It can process as well as compute graphics. The processor of 3D GPU also distributes required graphics for both 2D as well as 3D games. It is a very smart box and has an exceptionally high visual power.

It helps in providing each and every detail on the screen quite clear and lucid. The second advantage of this device is that it has a customised operating system.

It uses 6.0 Lollipop Android operating system. The storage space in ROM is 16 GB and this allows you to download some of your preferred apps.

The third advantage of this device is that it has a far less system that prevents you from getting worried about the system crashing down.

The fourth advantage of this device is that it has a number of entertainment systems and so you have the option of playing games and listening to music on this device.

You will also have the option of contacting your friends via online chat. This box uses some of the latest technologies and the Google store play that it has a number of apps.

The fifth advantage of this device is that it has a variety of photo and music formats and you will not have any problems listening to the music having these different formats.

You will also be able to see a variety of photos here. The sixth and the last advantage is that it is completely original and before shipping, each of these devices is inspected.

The manufacturer provides you with a warranty of one year. You are therefore assured of the quality of the product as well as the sales service later.



The biggest advantage of this device is that it has a number of projects and the screen that it uses is quite clear. It can be set up quite easily and provides very good value for money. This is both a compact as well as a capable device..

Customer Satisfaction

The customers consider this product to be very fast and stable. They also consider the price of this product to be extremely reasonable. Other Customers thought that this product works exactly the way that has been advertised.

Customer Questions

Does this device have Bluetooth and does it support blue tooth device?

No, this device does not have Bluetooth and it also does not support blue tooth device however, you can buy a bluetooth adaptor here.

Does it work on ordinary TVs that cannot be considered to be smart?

In order to make this device work, you simply need to have an HDMI port on your TV.

Will I able to stream even if I have a very slow internet connection?

If you have a slow internet connection then your streaming will become slower than normal with the occasional buffering however, due to the strong WI-FI connector built in to this product it shouldn’t cause much of an issue ( unless your internet is incredibly slow ).


Egolggo T95E Android TV box is one of the best TV boxes available on the market.  Buying this device will certainly be a very good choice.

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