Furbo Dog Camera Review

Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

Camera Quality




      Sound Quality


        Treat Launcher


          General Quality



            • Amazing Camera Quality
            • Treat Tosser Never Jams
            • Fair Price
            • Great Sound Quality
            • Fits In With Surroundings


            • No Cons!

            The Furbo Dog Camera is by far the best product i have purchased for my dogs, if you own a dog you will know that the hardest thing to do is leave them at home, not only because you will miss them but also because they may get up to mischief while your away.

            it is so easy to use, all you need to do is plug it in, download the furbo app for free and connect to your wifi.

            The Furbo Dog Camera has a 120 degree HD wide angle view camera which also has night vision so you can even see your pets clearly when its dark.

            The Furbo has two way chat so you can hear and speak to your dog as if you were in the room.

            So if you do see your dog chewing on something he shouldn’t be you can tell him to stop over the app!

            Another great thing about this device is that the device can recognise barking in the background and send you a notification to let your know.

            And finally my personal favourite feature is the treat toss, this will simply throw a treat out to your dog with a simple swipe on your phone.

            It is designed to throw the treats in the air making it more entertaining for your dog, you can put almost anything in there.

            With the furbo you will never have to worry about what your dog is upto again!

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