HoneyGuaridan A25 Review

Honeyguaridan A25 Review

HoneyGuaridan A25 Automatic Cat Feeder

HoneyGuaridan A25 Automatic Cat Feeder

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      Portion Sizes







            • Extremely Robust
            • Looks Stylish
            • Nice Portion Sizes
            • Very Reliable
            • Fair Price


            • Can Be Tricky To Set Up

            HoneyGuaridan A25 Review

            This is a great product from what we’ve seen of it.

            My cats are still quite young and always hungry so still require feeding a several times a day stop them destroying the house out of mischief. I wanted this automatic cat feeder just in case we couldn’t get someone to cat sit on the occasional weekend we go away but we’re so impressed with it we’ll be using it for morning and afternoon feeds just so we don’t worry too much if we’re late back from work as they’ll be fed and happy which also means we will get a lie in at weekends!

            What the cats thought about the HoneyGuaridan A25

            We used the Honeyguaridan A25 automatic cat feeder for all their afternoon meals to begin with so they got use to being fed by it as well as by us just to see how they would react. They’ve only used it for 4 days but have taken to it really easily. They had initial confusion from the recorded message it does before the food comes out on the first serving but now use it as their cue to line up to be fed.

            The Honeyguaridan A25 cat feeder‘s serving is large for one cat but perfect for feeding my two together so it’s not really an issue for us and you could always give them less portion sizes. We get about 45g of Royal Canin kitten per serving.

            Why should you use the Honeyguaridan A25 Cat Feeder?

            Feeding your cats at certain times a day can be very tedious and can interrupt your daily schedule, if you often get stuck at work late or find your self oversleeping in the weekends your cats could be left with no breakfast!

            If you are worried about your cat missing meals this automatic cat feeder is the perfect solution to you and your cats problems!

            Some people are a bit weary of getting their 1st cat feeder, i know i was when i first made the jump my main concern was the machine jamming and my cats going hungry while i was away with work.

            I started off with a really cheap Chinese brand of cat feeder, it was mainly a test to see how my cat reacted to being automatically fed at certain times of day, the feeder was okay but i did find it jammed quite a lot.

            A feature that is specific to the Honeyguaridan is the adjustable volume for the recorded message there is a volume range from 1 – 10 for you to choose from making the Honeyguaridan A25 the perfect cat feeder for any home.

            After seeing that my cats were reacting very well with the automatic feeder i decided  to buy one that i could trust, this was the HoneyGuaridan A25 Automatic Cat Feeder, i have had this for around a year now and hands down i am still amazed at the performance and reliability of this machine, it has never jammed on me and always dispenses a consistent amount of food so the cats will get used to having the exact portion sizes every day.

            What is the Honeyguaridan A25 Like Compared To £100+ Cat Feeders?

            The Honeyguaridan A25 looks and performs better than all other cat feeders we have used and we have tried the following automatic cat feeders:

            But the Honeyguaridan A25 definately takes the topspot for the most reliable and well made cat feeder avaliable to the UK, at a low cost it is affordable to most households throughout the UK making it affordable for almost anyone!

            The high end cat feeders ( £100 + ) are also great products but due to the company’s cramming in as much tech as possible the reliability just isnt there anymore.

            The speaker that plays the recorded message is also amazing quality and is loud enough to be herd throughout the house but not loud enough to give you a heart attack when its feeding time!

            Another rare feature that is on the Honeyguaridan A25 is the portion size feature, this allows you to change the deposited portion size of the food making it perfect for you weather you have 1 or 5 cats!

            Is the  Honeyguaridan A25 cat feeder worth the investment?

            The Honeyguaridan A25 cat feeder is worth every penny purely due to the fact your cats will love being fed at certain times a day consistently so they can fit dinner time into their tight schedules of exploring your town and causing mischief!

            Not only is it great for your cats it could dramatically take the stress of owning cats away, the only thing you will have to worry about is topping up the Honeyguaridan A25 once every few days and keeping their litter trays clean!

            This means that you will get a whole lot of extra time to spend with your furry friends and removes the worries of feeding times from your day to day life, It has happened to all of us where the partner is away and you are running a few hours late at work panicking about your poor cats being stuck at home with rumbling bellys! The Honeyguaridan A25 will ensure that this scenario will not happen any more allowing you to crack on and focus on your work.

            Honeyguaridan A25 Features

            This automatic cat feeder includes the following functions:

            • The Honeyguaridan A25 Cat Feeder helps you choose the time and the quantity to dispense your cats food
            • Has an inbuilt sound that plays seconds before the food is dispensed
            • Smart sensors to prevent the cat from over feeding, and greedy cats from taking all the food
            • The Honeyguaridan A25 cat feeder has a years warranty

            First Impressions of the Honeyguaridan A25

            The look is appealing, and the various features and low price make the cat feeder even more appealing.

            It has a large hopper and the feeder is only suitable for dry food.

            This automatic cat feeder also has an excellent battery life and rarely needs replacement.

            Using the Honeyguaridan A25

            The Honeyguaridan A25 cat feeder has its power switch at its base. The feeder also makes a noise when it’s been activated. The custom set voice recording plays seconds before the food is dispensed to inform the cats that it is #dinnertime. The sound is loud enough for the cats to easily hear anywhere around the house.

            The Honeyguaridan A25 cat feeder is very reliable and never jams, setting up the feeder can be fairly tricky the first time around but after that its all easy sailing.

            How durable / tough is the HoneyGuaridan A25?

            Both of our cats have spent some considerable time trying to break into it but with no success so it’s definitely s very well made bit of kit, neither cats have managed to knock it over.

            I have walked passed the HoneyGuaridan A25 and accidentally kicked it a couple of times due to the awkward place my husband decides to position it, the only damage it has caused is a couple of minor scratches on the white plastic, i was pretty amazed at how sturdy the machine is due to how much tech it has inside it, luckily the compact design of the Honeyguaridan A25 ensures that no electrics gets rattled when it is dropped or knocked over.

            Setting it up seems fairly complicated but as long as you use the manual you shouldn’t have too many problems.

            The verdict of the Honeyguaridan A25

            This Honeyguaridan A25 Automatic Cat Feeder is one of the most reliable cat feeders we have ever used.

            We used it for our cats however you can use it for a number of different animals including:

            • Dogs
            • Cats
            • Rabbits

            This automatic cat feeder can dispense up to 4 times a day if you want it too.

            You can also set the feeder to just keep on dispensing at the certain times you want every day until you change the sequence.

            Our favourate thing about this automated pet feeder is that it has a built in microphone that allows you to record a message upto 6 seconds long, so your pet will know when its dinner time!

            i would definately recommend this cat feeder to someone who has a busy schedule as it can really help you and your pet stay happy.

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