Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Review

Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4



    Map Size









            • Great Story Mode
            • Huge Maps
            • Great Controls
            • Never Found A Bug


            • Graphics Could Be Improved

            Currently playing Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 PRO on a Samsung 4K Television and haven’t been so impressed by a games Graphics/Visuals since first playing Infamous: Second Son. I never really got into the Killzone Series for which Guerrilla Studios is known for but I believe they have accomplished something truly special with this game and created a Sony Exclusive Franchise that can ease the burden on Nathan Drakes shoulders now that he’s winding down.

            Its a bit of a slow burner starting off with an exposition-heavy opening setting the tone for the narrative and fleshing out the female protagonist, your taught how to perform stealth kills, set traps, scan your environment to reveal enemy combatants vulnerable areas and discover Herbs used for Medicinal purposes.

            You play as Aloy, a flame haired young woman living on the fringes of society after being outcast as a child for unknown reasons, after years of training in the wilderness you pass a trial of strength and agility and prove yourself to those who shunned and ostracized you, after this the world opens up to you a little.

            You wont have seen a post-apocalyptic open world game like this before, after a mysterious catastrophe regresses Mankind back to the Stone Age and sees the world populated by small tribes of backwards humans in a land reclaimed by nature, but it isn’t bleak and void of hope like The Last Of Us, its the most gorgeously vibrant Open World ever realised in a game.

            Mist hangs around the peaks of mountains, Leafs, Branches and Grass sway in the breeze, Ancient Metal Structures pierce the Earth and are so enveloped in foliage and vegetation that they appear organic, Snowflakes flutter and dance in the twilight of setting sun, the level of detail on everything is really quite impressive.

            A dynamic time-of-day and weather system adds an extra layer of visual variety to your adventure through this massive world, metal glistens in the snow, on a windless sunny day pollen floats lazily through the air and at night fluorescent firefly’s twinkle. You can upgrade your equipment and weapons to add environmental perks which you collect from vanquished robotic foes and there is a Farcry-esque crafting system where you need to collect several different components to upgrade different pieces of equipment.

            Apart from the occasional weak lip syncing and simplicity of side quests there isn’t too much wrong with this game, it delivers an engaging story, satisfying combat and best visuals currently available on any console, 5 Stars, cant recommend highly enough.

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