T90 Remote Control Battle Tank Review

RC Battle Tank

T90 Remote Control Battle Tank

T90 Remote Control Battle Tank



    Firing Distance


      Battery Life




          Driving / Shooting Experience



            • Fires Quickly And Far
            • Long Battery Life
            • Easy To Control
            • Extremely Durable
            • 360 degree rotational cannon


            • Controller feels cheap

            The T90 Battle Tank is one of a kind when it comes to remote control vehicles, what makes this RC Tank so special is its ability to fire BB bullets at a rate of 1 shot per second making it an awesome asset to a backyard battle ground.

            I purchased two of these tanks to have battles with my siblings and it was worth every penny, the tanks have good battery life, shoot fast and pretty far and when you attach a gopro camera to the 360 degree cannon you can re watch the carnage from a first person view from the tank.

            14 months with the tanks using them at least twice a week until the battery is drained and i have not had a single issue, these RC Gadgets are a must have.

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