Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel PS4 Review

Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel PS4 Review

Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel PS4

Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel PS4












            • Great Price
            • Feels Premium
            • Looks Stylish
            • Easy To Use
            • Feels Tough And Durable


            • None!

            Thrustmaster T80 Review

            The Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel is one of the best affordable ps4 steering wheels avaliable in the UK, with most PS4 steering wheels the feedback from the game feels a little dreary and “fake” obviously technology has not quite reached the point of making it feel like a real race car but the T80 Racing Wheel is the closest you will get for the next few years.

            How does the PS4 Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel do when compared to £500+ racing wheels?

            The Thrustmaster T80 is by far the best racing wheel i have ever used, it has a comfortable feel and is very responsive when steering, it feels the same quality if not better than the £500+ racing wheels, the great thing about this racing wheel is the feedback you get from the game, if you go over a bump or crash you can actually feel it through the steering wheel its self, the £500+ steering wheels have near enough the same specs, i have actually used the F1 simulator at Uni and felt that the Thrustmaster T80 felt a lot more realistic!

            Not only is the Thrustmaster T80 responsive, cheap and well made it also comes with responsive and comfortable racing pedals!

            What is the best racing setup for the PS4 Thrustmaster T80?

            I had used the Thrustmaster T80 steering wheel and pedals by its self before i decided to buy the stand, the experience was awesome before i even made the jump to the stand, the only issue is that the steering wheel has a clamp on the back and finding a decent mounting point can be a pain, i simply shoved my bed out the way and pulled my desk closer and clamped it up, if you dont have a decent mounting point i would recommend getting this stand aswell.

            PSVR can be used with the Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel to make it mimic the experience of driving a real race car, it is amazing to be able to see the hands on the steering wheel which turn when and where you move your actual hands on the steering wheel.

            Using the VR with the thrustmaster T80 was an amazing and intense experience however combining Playstation VR with the Thrustmaster T80 racing wheel can cause headaches and nausea, unfortunately i am one of the unlucky ones which suffers from VR headaches, if you have a friend who owns any kind of VR headset have a go on theirs for 20 minutes straight and see how you feel, if you feel fine then getting the PSVR will be a great asset to your gaming rig!

            Overall the best racing setup i have ever used was the Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel & Stand combined with sony headphones and a HD 4K TV it is an amazing experience, i have used the exact same setup for about a year now and my friends are still blown away whenever they use the setup not only is it badass and extremely entertaining i have been better behaved and calmer on the roads ( in real ) ever since!

            What are the best type of games for the PS4 Thrustmaster T80?

            Almost every driving game is dramatically enhanced by the Thrustmaster T80 but some racing / driving games really do stand out from the crowd for overall feel and feedback given to the thrustmaster T80.

            In F1 style racing games you can really feel the true potential the thrustmaster T80 has, when you are sliding round corners at 200 mp/h you can feel the grip from the tyres sticking you to the ground, not only is grip feedback from these games intense and amazing when you spin the car out or crash you can really feel it through the steering wheel it closely replicates a real slide / crash, with a large turning radius the steering wheel feels incredibly realistic and sporty.

            Using the Thrustmaster T80 with rally games such as WRC 6 is the most intense experience you can achieve with this PS4 racing wheel when you are jumping mud hills and spraying dirt at the crowd going 90 MP/H it wont be long until you start feeling in the zone, The Thrustmaster T80 responds perfectly when landing jumps you can really feel it through the wheel as if you are actually driving a rally car such as the Subaru WRX STI at astonishing speeds on the worlds most dangerous tracks, when you hit a drift at speed in poor weather / track conditions you can feel yourself loosing control of the car, it is then your mission to avoid having a crash and getting that 1st place trophy at the end of the race.

            Overall it is impossible for us to pinpoint which type of game is best for the Thrustmaster T80 what we did was get two low cost games from each category ( Rally / F1 ) and see which one tickles your fancy, the driving games we initially bought and recommend for the T80 racing wheel are WRC6 Rally and F1 2016 both games are under £30 each and are definitely worth it as you can pick and choose which game depending on how your feeling, after a hard day at work there is nothing better than coming home and getting some serious air on a rally track at high speeds.

            Why Use A PS4 Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel?

            The Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel will allow you to simulate driving a real car on any compatible driving game on the playstation 4, it provides an epic experience letting you drive your dream cars on your favourate race tracks.

            Combined with pedals and a stand this will provide the ultimate racing setup, the beauty of using the T80 steering wheel to play racing games is that it will let you take your driving aggression out innocently in a virtual road rather than risking smashing your car, yourself or others up.

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