Top 5 Gadgets In 2017

RC Battle Tank

Finding the perfect gadget to buy for men in 2017 can be a real pain as if you are not a techy person the whole lot could look like a bunch of gibberish!

Luckily for you we have compiled a list of the top 5 gadgets to buy for men in 2017, lets get started.

5: BlitzWolf Virtual Reality Headset

VR Headset

The Blitzwolf VR Headset is a multi device compatible virtual reality headset which allows you to experience games and videos as if your actually there, the samsung gear VR was one of the first virtual reality headsets available to the UK meaning its technology is fast becoming out dated, this has been proven by the BlitzWolf Virtual Reality Headset the constant headaches and drowsiness seems to be long gone on this headset, having tried the gear VR & Google Cardboard headset this one definitely takes the top spot for video quality and usability.


RC Battle Tank

The T90 Battle Tank is an amazing little gadget which has the ability to fire plastic BB pellets at a range of 10 meters making it perfect for a back yard battle ground, it is recommended to use two of these so you can have an all out war around the house ( worry about the holes in the walls later ) getting this gadget for a man will definitely bring the inner child out in him.

3: FU12 FLI 12″ Twin Active Sub Subwoofer & Amp Amplifier ( 2000w )

The FU12 12″ Twin Sub woofer & Amp is certainly the king of the sub woofers, if you are unfamilliar with what a subwoofer actually does, its main purpose is to pick up the low frequencies and vibrations and emit the sound as you can hear in the video they are pretty damn loud!

If the man you want to buy this for is either a couch potato or a car guy they are going to love you for getting them this, if you are using it in the house it makes a great asset for surround sound, watching a horror film with a decent sound system will literally make you poop.

Installing a sub woofer to a car can be a tricky task however there are thousands of videos out there with detailed fitting instructions and the installation time is definitely worth it, the great thing about this subwoofer is its cutting edge low distortion technology enabling it to cope with high bass / volume tracks without blowing.

2. ELEPHAS Full Color 130″ Portable Projector Screen

Portable Projector Screen

The Elephas 130″ Portable Projector Screen is an amazing asset to have in any household as it allows you to watch your favourite TV shows and movies literally anywhere, personally i use to project my PS4 onto the side of the house  at night in the summer and chill out having a cheeky bevvy.

The Elephas projector screen has got remarkable screen resolution aswell as a well deserved HDMI port the HDMI port allows you to project the screen of virtually any modern day device including:

Whoever this is bought for is guaranteed to use it due to its flexibility of devices this means that there will be no stress of worrying about their devices not working on it.

1. Raspberry Pi 3 Quad Core With Case

raspberry pi with case

Allthough the Raspberry Pi 3 is almost unheard of by most main stream people it is one of the most high demand gadgets across the globe due to its endless possibilities and creations you can make from this fantastic bit of kit, these are just some of the amazing projects you can take on:

  • Phones
  • Robots
  • Touch Screen Calendars
  • Alarm Clocks
  • CCTV Surveillance over WI-FI
  • WI-FI Hacking Tools
  • Portable Games Console
  • Automated pet feeders
  • Drink making robot
  • Door Monitoring ( shows you what doors are open around the house )

The Raspberry Pi is basically a mini computer which has infinitely expandable addons like touch screens, microphones, speakers you think it this can do it.

How it works is you plug it into your laptop or desktop computer and search google for the raspberry pi project you want to pursue, in most cases some one has published the complete code for the project then all you have to do is download the code onto the raspberry pi 3 and bombs away you have your project installed and working on your raspberry pi 3, for more information read the description here.

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