2000W FU12 FLI Twin 12″ Subwoofer & Amplifier Review

fli fu12 twin 12 inch subwoofer

FU12 FLI 12″ Twin Active Subwoofer & Amplifier 2000w

FU12 FLI 12″ Twin Active Subwoofer & Amplifier 2000w

Bass Volume


    Sound Quality




        Installation Instructions





            • Extremely Loud
            • Amazing Quality
            • Well Made And Durablle
            • Looks The Bomb
            • Doesn't Slide Around


            • A Few Typos In Instruction Manual

            The FU12 FLI twin 12″ Subwoofer is often referred to as the king of sub woofers due to its low frequency power output of 2000w, the incredible thing about this subwoofer & amp is that FLI have actually managed to sustain a clean bass frequency at high volumes resulting in no crackling and a low risk of blowing them up, when compared to the edge twin 12″ subwoofer & amp the specs don’t appear to differ much however having owned both of the subs i have to say that the FU12 FLI Subwoofer wipes the floor in both sound quality and sustainable volume, if you are looking for a quality Subwoofer look no further than the FU12 FLI Twin 12″ Subwoofer & Amplifier.

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